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Elimination of the Snakes

The word "politics" is derived from the word "poly" meaning "many", and the word "ticks", meaning "blood sucking parasites".

Feb 16, 2009

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Mail Bag:

Earl sends one this week on last weeks conspiracy theory, the earth not revolving, none so blind as those who will not see.

Mike with 2 this week:
1) The costs of the California octuplets.
2) An Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a flood of illegal immigrants from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals.

Dennis sends one this week on Ann Coulter.

The Rest of the Show:

1) Bad economy forcing immigrants to reconsider U.S.

2) The latest bank caught spending questionably is Wells Fargo.

3) Associated Bank dumps posh Puerto Rico getaway for employees.

4) Man returns hidden treasure to rightful heir.

No Conspiracy Theory this week.

Next Weeks Conspiracy Theory:

Who is the Anti-Christ?