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Elimination of the Snakes

The word "politics" is derived from the word "poly" meaning "many", and the word "ticks", meaning "blood sucking parasites".

Mar 16, 2015

Beautiful weather in Clyde.

A little Dan story.

Fact or Crap: Batting 1000 this week.

Mail Bag:

One from Al in New Jersey: Beyond funny.

Four from Joe:
1) Indian bride walks out of wedding after groom gets math problem wrong.
2) Beitlich sentenced to 8 years in South Side beating.
3) "It's horrendous": Teen girl who allegedly led McDonald's beatdown charged as adult.
4) Wife of Michigan soccer referee killed by punch serves red card to killer at sentencing.

Two from Peter:
1) American Airlines apologizes after refusing to refund deceased girl’s ticket.
2) NAACP battles Latino groups over push to open public schools for non-English speakers.

The Rest of the Show:

1) Temporary injunction bars man from smoking inside his Washington DC home.

2) Racine Journal Times questions Miller Park's "endless" tax.