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Elimination of the Snakes

The word "politics" is derived from the word "poly" meaning "many", and the word "ticks", meaning "blood sucking parasites".

Jun 26, 2006

Last show for June. Ma Bell was breaking the bank so we're back using Skype and with some tweaking the quality is quite acceptable. In tonights show we discuss alcohol and date rape,  $100,000 for a face to face with G. W.  and the FBI justifying the raid on a U. S. Congressman.

over sixteen years ago

You are right on about the date rape and alchohol issue. I\'m just assuming that the male could not come back with, \'I couldn\'t control my horniness because I was drunk too.\' Reproductive and sex law has just been getting more and more riduculous since sufferage. Not that I\'m against it, just would it have ever happened at all if our grandfathers had known where it would lead? It\'s kind of a pet peeve of mine.
First, it\'s unconstitutional because it treats men and women differently. Like I was saying, if a man used achohol as a defense he would be laughed out of court. But women aren\'t responsible for anything sexually. Forget to take your Pill and accidentally (or not, as is the case with many women preying on NBA players)? Congratulations, You\'ve won 18% of some lucky man\'s income for 18 years. Don\'t want the kid? You\'ve got the right to choose abortion, while men do not.
And its not just some dumb law that\'s on the books but isn\'t enforced, like not spitting on Main St. on Sundays. States like Ohio will but your picture up at highway rest stops and Post Offices for not paying your child support, then send you to jail. Merry old England got rid of that anachronistic instutution of debtors\' prison in the time of Dickens, the 1850s, nearly 100 years before divesting themselves of (nearly all of) their colonies.
Oh, how about the Duke La Crosse team. 46 guys say nothing happened and on the say so of one stripper/hooker, they order DNA test for the whole team. The test come back negative, and the DA still won\'t drop the case, because he\'s up for re-election. Jesse Jackson has offered to pay for the rest of this strippers education. Looks like making accusations a much more lucrative career choice than stripping.
It was sort of like Kobe Bryant and, oh what\'s was her name? Oh, that\'s right, the press never told us. Kobe\'s name was on SportsCenter, front page of USA Today, on and on, for weeks, if not months. There is not telling how many million he lost just on endorsements. And they wouldn\'t show her picture or reveal her name. Correct me if I\'m wrong, but wasn\'t one of the founding priniples of America that you are innocent until proven guilty? But men can be hung in the press, and women can\'t be. Wan\'t one of the founding principles of the women\'s movement equality? I guess they\'ve accomplished that and moved on past it, like the aforementioned Jesse Jackson. Come on, what would MLK say about the University of Michigan\'s admissions policy? I kind of remember him saying something about \'not being judged on the color of their skin,\' which, at least from my perspective, is excatly what UM is doing, while Jackson Rah-rahs.
The NAACP and NOW have accomplished their stated goals of equality, but what do they do now? Disband? Of course not, they have proven to be effective. So they keep pushing beyond what is fair and equal.