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Elimination of the Snakes

The word "politics" is derived from the word "poly" meaning "many", and the word "ticks", meaning "blood sucking parasites".

Jul 30, 2006

1) A little on Pat's comments from show 12.

2) More on the Israeli - Lebanon conflict. I couldn't find Alexander Cockburn's article online, but the link he refers to is HERE. (contains graphic violence) Esty Dinur's article is HERE. The Radio Station she appears on is HERE.

3) House passes bill shielding "under God",...

Jul 23, 2006

Show Notes:

1) Trying to understand Israeli-Lebanon conflict.
     Listener links that may help: The Israel Lobby    Article   Wikipedia

2) Line Item Veto.

3) Tension between Russia and USA.

4) UW professors controversial ideas.

Jul 17, 2006

  1. Israel and Lebanon are going at it, again.
  2. North Korea
  3. SWIFT Program

Jul 10, 2006

Show Notes for show 10:

1)Story sent in by Pat:
Instructor says U.S. planned the attacks to provoke war.
Local news channels discussion page.
Podcast featuring an interview.

2) North Korea

3) Kenneth Lay dead at 64.

4) Our guest, Earl talks about the space program. Very interesting right to the batteries end . Next...

Introduction to the host: Dan.

Jul 5, 2006

Dan was born in Chicago in 1952. He has studied politics and foreign affairs extensively for over 30 years. He holds a BBA and works as a supervisor at a large medical complex in the Midwest. He lives with his wife in a quiet suburban area where he is writing the sequel to "Elimination of the Snakes".