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Elimination of the Snakes

The word "politics" is derived from the word "poly" meaning "many", and the word "ticks", meaning "blood sucking parasites".

Jul 25, 2016

It's HOT in Wisconsin!

Republican Convention last week.

Democratic Convention this week.

Tim Kaine, Mike Pence, Big Yaaawwwnn!

Fact or Crap: Two right for both of us this week.

Mail Bag:

Some humor from Char.

Humor from Al in Jersey.

One from Peter: Traffic violation sting nabs 2 for alleged drug dealing in...

Jul 18, 2016

Weather talk?

Footballs coming.

Back to politics.

Republican Convention.

"Radar" O'Reilly.

Fact or Crap: One right for John, none for Dan.

Mail Bag:

Two from Mike:

1) Senior jigsaw puzzle.

2) Getting older.

One from notifications???? >>>Spam<<<

Two from Peter:

1) George Clooney's neighbors: "We don't want ANY refugees...

Jul 11, 2016

Dan's 64 years old.

Growing old ain't for the faint-hearted.

Fact or Crap: Batting 1000 this week.

Mail Bag:

One from Mike: By the Book.

One from Char: Signs

Two from Pete:

1) Texas pastor apologizes, drops Whole Foods suit.

2) Katie Couric slammed for deceptive documentary about gun rights.

Three from Peter:

1) Voter...