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Elimination of the Snakes

The word "politics" is derived from the word "poly" meaning "many", and the word "ticks", meaning "blood sucking parasites".

Apr 19, 2010

More grandpa talk.

Mail Bag:

Two from Chris this week:
1) Ringo unmoved by Vatican praise for Beatles.
2) Kalamazoo towing company sues student over Facebook page.

Dave sends in a joke.

Dennis sends in several jokes this week, subject: Catholicism.

Earl - The Ten Commandments Video.

The Rest of the Show:

1) Steven Seagal sued for sexual assault,trafficking.

2) Steven Seagal accuser boasted "I Can Manipulate Men".

3) Arizona clears strict Immigration Bill.

4) An illegal immigrant rant, shit or get off the pot, enforce the laws or change them.

5) Copycat charged in racist New Jersey Whole Foods intercom prank.